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After witnessing the fake portrayal of trading education on social media and the internet, I felt it was crucial to create a GENUINE educational experience that offers real benefits and practical skills. 


It’s unethical to pose by a Lamborghini or next to luxury shops and convince you that following such a path leads to instant riches. While trading CAN provide the means to enjoy such luxuries and help you realise your financial dreams, it’s a long journey that requires learning from someone truly knowledgeable.

Success won’t come overnight by following an Instagram influencer flashing £50 notes from a money gun. That’s the hard truth.


I lost my first trading job before I could trade a live market, and I didn’t make money for the first six months of my second trading role. But like those who succeeded, I kept going and made a successful career in the markets.

For those who have gone on to make money from trading, success requires perseverance and resilience. Like I tell everyone I have ever employed or taught as a trader, it's not impossible to make money; it's just really hard. That’s all I needed to know twenty years ago at the start of my journey: if someone else is doing it, it's possible.

In my twenty years in the professional trading world, I’ve always stressed that it takes aspiring traders at least 12 months to fully understand the complexities of the trading process I teach and have a chance to succeed.

With this in mind, the courses offered by Teach the World to Trade include support for an entire year. They are presented by myself or one of my extensive network of capital markets experts and university lecturers, giving you the best possible chance of success.


The range of courses on offer has been put together to mirror the training experience of traders working for the world's most successful proprietary trading firms. Thousands of traders have been trained using these methods, but only a small percentage have gone on to beat the markets consistently. 

Those who changed their lives through trading had a common trait. They understood the trading principles they were taught and went on to win or learn through constant PRACTICE.

Each course aims to give you enough market knowledge and trading insight to practice the trading process on a simulator or in a live market. Turning theory into practice and from practice to mastery.

WE DO NOT GUARANTEE YOU WILL MAKE MONEY, BUT WE WILL help you understand everything you need to have the best possible chance to achieve your goals through trading and investing.


Warren Buffet and many other successful people echo this advice. YOU are your biggest asset. This principle is just as relevant for someone venturing into the markets for the first time, aiming to make their first profits.


Learning to trade and invest is a lifelong skill that can yield significant returns over time. You will gain potentially life-changing knowledge from an industry expert at a fraction of the cost of a university degree. Previous students had to pay much more to access Sam’s popular Trading Strategies module at Sussex University, but now you can benefit from this expertise affordably.

  • Cryptocurrency investors who wanted to improve their execution and management of their portfolio and trades.

  • Students who want to learn a skill can stand out when entering the job market and earn money to help pay their tuition fees.

  • Novice traders getting sucked into spread betting platforms with no idea what they're doing, we help give them a chance of success.  

  • Busy professionals looking to understand how to invest and trade so they can grow their capital.


Our content aims to get decades of knowledge and experience training traders into clear and supportive educational workshops, videos, guides, practical tasks, modules, courses, and more. This way, you can have the most authentic experience possible and get great results.

Each option we offer aims to make you feel comfortable identifying, executing, managing, and evaluating your trades and investments.

Our courses have helped thousands of people from various backgrounds over the years.

Their success has come from their willingness to learn and apply what they have been taught. We have given no secret formula or guarantee; no one can do that in trading, and if they try, they are lying to you. So, with all that in mind, check out what we can offer to help you master the markets and gain some life-changing knowledge.

Junior Trader - £40 per month or £400 per year.

Perfect for those who wish to turn their curiosity for trading into an interest that pays!

Grow from a basic level to understand what professional traders look for to execute a winning trade.

Trading signals and market insight delivered by professional traders with a minimum of 10 years of experience.

5 Trading signals are delivered live and directly to your inbox every Monday for you to profit from.


Sign up for a month’s worth of free signals to try before you buy and learn how to win in the markets.

Expert Trader- £500 per month or £5000 per year.

Those serious about making money in the markets can now receive the same support as a professional trader from the comfort of their homes.

12 Months Subscription to the Intermediate Trader Package – PLUS

You will have 12 months of access to the Teach the World to Trade community Discord channel, which provides daily trading signals, market advice, and mentorship.

Six advanced trading workshops a year. Covering –

Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Trading Seasonality, Introduction to Algo trading, Mental athlete approach to high-performance, and crypto investing.

Two private 1-2-1 coaching sessions with Sam each year to take your trading to another level.

This is the same level of support a professional gets working in the trading industry. Take the opportunity to give yourself the best chance of success.


*All monthly prices are over 12 months.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to Sam and the team about enrolling in one of the courses or need any further information, contact us using the button below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Advanced Trader - £100 per month or £1000 per year.

12 Months Subscription to the Junior Trader Package - PLUS

Learn to trade like a Professional course delivered live over five weeks by Sam and professional trading experts.

Invitation to the annual TWT trader networking event with industry professionals.

12 months of access to live monthly trading webinars to improve your market knowledge and have any questions answered about trading directly.

This is a great value offer: University and industry-level Trader education with wrap-around support for a year to give you the best chance of success.

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