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Over a million trades worth billions of dollars over many assets, thousands of traders educated and trained in professional and institutional settings, published work, a qualified coach, and an international trading academy launched remotely during the pandemic. 

From the vibrant atmosphere of a market stall in the west of the UK to the dynamic world of international financial futures trading, my journey has been anything but conventional. Raised with an unyielding work ethic and an innate numerical talent, I found my earliest education not in the classroom but amidst the hustle of family business from the tender age of eleven. This formative experience honed my entrepreneurial instincts and taught me the art of value—a lesson that would define my future.

University was a leap into the unknown, a venture that saw me become the first in my family to don a graduation cap. The pride of this achievement was a delayed realisation, overshadowed at the time by the thrill of discovery that came from immersing myself in the cultures of Spain and the Americas, furthering my education informally with the bonus of a new language after graduation.

globe infront of a trading screen showing live prices of markets

My academic pursuits paralleled my professional ones, as I joined a top 10 UK University in 2015 as a lecturer, pioneering a popular trading strategies module. This venture sparked the inception of 'Teach the World to Trade,' a mission to democratise trading education.

A 'Mental Athlete' approach, born from completing a professional wellbeing and productivity coaching course in 2020, became my cornerstone coaching philosophy. It has since empowered traders at all levels, from novices to multimillion-dollar professionals, garnering international acclaim.

My path has been anything but linear, marked by both trials and triumphs. I bring this rich tapestry of experiences to you, hoping that together, we can navigate your unique journey in the trading world.

If I can change my life through trading, so can you. 

After my time in education and a moment to experience the world, I was ready to go all in on my career in capital markets, following a passion I had instilled in me from an early age by my father. In 2004, I embarked on a defining professional journey in trading with REFCO. This was cut short, and I was taught a valuable lesson before finding my niche in a boutique firm that would blossom into a global trading powerhouse. My career spanned diverse markets—from fixed income to precious metals—each trade enriching my expertise.

But knowledge, I believe, grows by helping others. As early as 2005, I turned mentor, evolving into a trainer and coach by 2007, guiding aspiring traders in the highly regulated theatre of trading. My efforts culminated in establishing four trading offices and an International Trading Academy across three continents and helping thousands change their lives through trading.

Samuel James Baker teaching students to trade at Brighton university
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